EMILY CHENG – The Immensity of Particles
MARIANNE WEIL – After Argos: Recent Bronze and Glass Sculpture

October 28 - November 27, 2017
Opening reception October 28, 5-7pm

Emily Cheng in conversation with Kevin Teare Sunday October 29, 2-3pm

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The Immensity Of Particles is an exhibition of large and intimate sized paintings by Emily Cheng. For over two decades, Cheng's visionary paintings have offered various worlds structured around a circular or vertical core where geometric lines, landscape spaces and familiar images map out relationships between the body and the self to an extended space-vastness; seen simultaneously from a bird's eye and an interior eye.

Emily Cheng's paintings are like nobody else, but they have symbolist and Surrealist precedents....Her grounds, however luminous or diaphanously glazed, are often a uniform surface with no beginning or end, as solid and close as infinity....If there is one thing that Cheng's paintings seem to be consistently "about" it is this stepping beyond the perceptual threshold of normative orthogonal relations moving along Time's arrow and into realms where constative images or Signs, are activated into performative entities. From this vantage point we can even look back upon the world we thought we knew, but which is now itself activated into various iterations of living symbols.
– Stephen Westfall

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